Write an entry to an online forum to express your views on whether real sports or virtual sports should be preferred.


We can enjoy not only real sports, but also the virtual ones nowadays. The choices of sports in the virtual reality are also widened. Then here comes a question, which one would you like to choose for doing sports, the virtual one or the real one? From my view, doing virtual sports is far better than doing real sports.

The first concern is about convenience. While doing real sports, we must go out from our home and find a place which can let us play the sports, like badminton, basketball, tennis and so on. After we find a place to do real sports and play for a while, we need to go back home again. I think this is so inconvenient. By contrast, doing virtual sports, we can just stay at home and enjoy. Also, we can do sports whenever we like and rest at the time at our choice.

Then let us talk about people. While doing real sports, we need to find some partners to play with. Take basketball as an example. The minimum number of members we need is two. What does that mean? Real sports involve playmates. We can’t really work out alone or it’ll be too boring. But for doing virtual sports, we need not think of this problem. It is because it is a type of activity we can play on our own.

Unlike real sports, virtual sports can also provide more time for a family to do sports together. Hong Kong people are very busy, having no time for doing sports or family gathering. When your family members come home and you want to do sports outdoors, then the time for you to stay with them will be shortened. By doing virtual sports, however, you can stay home, and you can even ask them to join in. While working out virtually, you can gain more chances to enjoy the precious moments with your family. Killing two birds with one stone!

It’s yet undoubtedly true that doing real sports may help enrich our social life. While doing real sports, we will meet different kinds of people. After a game or a match, we make friends, enhance our skills and our social life is also enriched through the process. Still, making one’s social life and widening one’s network may be important, but to me, I don’t think working out on my own is a bad thing. What matters to me more is I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Making friends through sports isn’t the top concern of mine.

In fact, many people are like me. They would rather enjoy staying alone peacefully than joining group activities. Virtual sports suit us better. For real sports, it’s less flexible. How about you? Which would you choose? Whatever your choice is, just enjoy the moment of doing sports.