A letter to my friend Henry Lau who cheated in his exam


Dear Henry,

How’s it going? Something I  would like to tell you today.

Remember that day we are having our English exam? Everyone worked very hard at it, even you, I can see. But I’m sorry to tell you that I saw you cheat, with a piece of paper in the drawer, which is the vocabulary list, with a list of words.

In this letter, I just wish to tell you why we shouldn’t cheat. First, zi would tell you that cheating is not at all valuable. Look, maybe you’ll get very good grades every time, but only real accomplishments build your self confidence and self-esteem, cheating is not an accomplishment, so in this way you would never feel happiness of achieving high marks, because you knew you cheated. It’s also unfair to others , like other hardworking classmates who uses lots of hours to prepare for the exam, but you don’t even need to study to get high grades. Put yourself in to their shoes, if cheated and got 100 marks, but you studied very hard but you only got 67 marks, how would you feel?

Honesty is important for yourself too. After being found out that you cheated, it will be very hard for anyone to bear trusting you. It’s just like a thief who is put out of jail, nobody would like to trust him or employ him. Also, at least be honest, you will be relieved, you will be helped and respected. At the moment you cheat, you should know that actually it’s no difference from lying and knew you will be exposed in one day. Being honest will always be respected and praised.

I knew it’s going to bring you a ton of shame  if I talked to you, so I wrote this letter. Henry, you’re a friend of mine, and i can’t take it to see you being punished by after someone exposed you cheating. I won’t tell anyone, but only you. Please, as a promise, tell the teachers yourself. Honesty is the best policy. I will always support you being good. I hope you will feel relieved after telling the truth. Goodbye.

Best wishes,