My two extremely opposite classmates


I had two classmates whose characters were extremely opposite. The first one was called Sally. She was very hard-working and clever. She always read books to beef up her language. When she was in trouble, she would figure out the problems and think of some means to deal with them. Also, she would stand up for the classmates when they were suffering from something which was unfair. Therefore, all of the classmates liked her very much. But the other one was called Mary. She was very lazy. She always dozed off or daydreamed during lessons. Also, she always dragged on the homework or put it aside directly. Moreover, she always blurted out something which was not sensible and butted in the conversations suddenly. So, many people disliked her.

Sally was helpful. She wanted to help Mary not to be lazy and hateful. However, Mary was proud and she looked down on Sally at first. Sally still helped her with tutoring and taught her to be polite. She counted on Sally gradually and she accepted Sally’s help. She called off all the friends gatherings and did homework and studied at home every weekend. She did not while away the time doing something stupid so she did the homework very fast. Moreover, she would think twice when she said something. Therefore she did not offend people anymore. As a result, her academic results were improved and she was polite.

Now, everyone likes her very much. Besides, she feels thankful to Sally and they become best friends.