Hong Kong as a tourist spot


Hi everyone! I am Chris Chan from Hong Kong. It is my great pleasure to introduce my beloved home place to all of you. Have anyone of you heard of Hong Kong before? It doesn’t matter if you have not as I am going to start my speech right now.


Being the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong has owned a lot of tourist attractions, including theme parks and historical buildings. Ocean Park is one of the theme parks in Hong Kong. It is a marine-life theme park featuring animal exhibits, shows and thrill rides, which secure the Applause Award in 2012. Animal exhibitions? Yes, besides having a close-up view of the penguins and dolphins, cuddly red pandas, universally adorable giant pandas as well as other Chinese wonders like Giant Salamander make their appearance in Ocean Park too. Not only the impressively cute animals, Ocean Park also provides stupendous thrill rides such as the Abyss, Crazy Galleon and Hair Raiser. It will definitely cause an adrenaline rush in your body. I really love this feeling! Another favorable theme park is Hong Kong Disneyland. But I guess it is more or less the same as that in United States, Japan or other places, so I will skip this part and spend more time on telling you other special destinations you can’t miss in Hong Kong.


King Yin Lei is one of the graded historic buildings, which was built in 1937 in the Peak. It represents the rise of the Chinese merchant in the earlier phase of Hong Kong history, when the Peak area was still a traditional residence of foreigners and still not yet identified as the upper-class residential area. The building keeps the traditional Chinese architectural features, such as windows with Chinese pattern metal munitions. This place was also regarded as a popular photo-taking spot, where a lot of international movies were filmed, such as ”Soldier of Fortune” filmed in 1955 and “Enter the Dragon” filmed by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee? Yes, the glamorous kungfu actor who blew up a popular kungfu phenomenon in Western countries! I bet you will want a visit to this place immediately after hearing Bruce Lee, right? Haha! Since I’m a movie craze, not only do I adore King Yin Lei, but also love going to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. It is a place where a lot of life like figures of celebrities located. As you know, it is hard for us to take an intimate picture with our idols. But in this place, we can take selfies with the celebrities’ sculpture! Besides Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, the statues of Kim Soo-Hynn and One Direction are also displayed in Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. Isn’t it attractive? Haha!


Another reason why I love Hong Kong so much is its cuisine. Famed as the heaven of delicacies, Hong Kong is famous for its local food. For instance, wife cakes, which have a flaky skin made from pork lard and a firm, chewy filling made with almond paste and winter melon and egg tarts which have a flaky puff pastry shell with jelly-like egg fillings. Oh…… you want to listen to some bizarre food in Hong Kong? Alright, here comes the stinking tofu, which emanates stench due to the fermentation of tofu. Despite its smell, it tastes good! Oh! I nearly forgot the most iconic snack in Hong Kong! It is Hong Kong-style milk tea! It is the most potent symbol of English traditions fused with Chinese culture with tea strained through silk stockings and mixed with evaporated milk. Its velvety smooth taste makes the drink a favouable one. I can hardly focus on my work and studies if I do not get a sip of it. I was really addicted to it.


Hong Kong is a small city with various attractions and cuisines. Tourists can find a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures in this small place. Being a cosmopolitan city, travellers can find Hong Kong a home, yet with unique blending of cultures. This makes Hong Kong a great tourist destination.


I love Hong Kong so much and I hope you guys find it so. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong one day and falling in love with this glamorous city. Thank you!