Tattoos has been found more popular among young people recently. Why is it so? What are your views? Write a blog entry, with the title “Tattoo? Mmm…”.


Tattoo? Mmm…


Gangsters? Criminals? Drug dealers? These might be what the old folks think about tattoos. However, they might not know that tattoos could now never be more popular, looking more artistic and positive. Sadly, thanks to the law, we minors will not have a chance to make our skins coloured. I could give a go if there was not such a legal thing. Tattoos are cool, huh? I would rather put this into serious consideration before making tattoos linger at my skin.


But before that, why are tattoos so popular?


Having tattoos could be cool, when celebs get them anywhere on their skin. Talking of celebs having their skin inked, I bet the first one on your mind MUST be David Beckham (just admit it!). Tattoos get more popular when they are on models such as Cara Delevigne or even the Korean superstar G-Dragon, who belong to the most fashionable in the world. You may not want to get famous, but you would like to make yourself attractive as idols, wouldn’t you? Tattoos indeed have become a part of pop-culture!


Apart from the celebrity effect, old stereotypes are now fading away. When fewer people have the preconceptions such as “Tattoos are for the triads”, this extraordinary art sector has been gaining momentum as well as recognition from the mass, teenagers in particular. Tattoos may make us recall our drawing on arms with marker pens when we’re just kids. Art values of tattoos are treasured and in the future, kids might even learn to ink skin in visual arts lessons to brush up their arts skills. Who knows!


Well, wanting to have a tattoo? Wait a minute. Don’t ever forget there are risks in having tattoos, despite its fashion and art values.


Hygiene problems of tattoos could be thorny. There are still a bunch of people buying equipment online and declaring themselves freelancer tattoo artists. Tattoo-making involves blood spraying. Without good care of hygiene (such as equipment in contact with blood not cleaned well), where the tattoos are created could be a hub for HIVs. Sadly, in our city, the industry is regulated by no law. So you need to check if they are career tattoo artists with sensible hygienic conditions. DON’T SAY I’VE NEVER WARNED YA!


To some (or many) of you, showing your messages or beliefs is one of the most convincing reasons to get your skin inked. But you must understand the painful truth: tattoos (including the unfavourable ones) last forever. Yes, FOREVER! They last longer than your scars. Patterns and words imprinted follow your body even after your death (not soul though). Think Twice. Think carefully. Are those messages something to be upheld for life- long? If you get a “No”, don’t make a go.  Of course, it is possible to go positive mentally. How pathetic those tattoos don’t go the same way. Besides the “messages” issue, get yourself mentally prepared that tattoo artists may create errors. One case has won much laughter, where a man wanted to have the name of the musician Bon Jovi tattooed, and the final output came out as JON BOVI, HOW TRAGIC! Yes, tattoos may give you chances to regret and get embarrassed. DON’T SAY I’VE NEVER WARNED YA!


Tattoos are no moral issue, but this mind-blowing trend could be positive yet risky. Tattoos are really cool though. What a dilemma. Well, temporarily, no tattoos for me. Not today, at least!



Tommy Luk Hei Long

2015-16   6B