‘Me’ generation


Time is changing.  It’s claimed to be the time of the ‘ME’ generation. ‘ME’ refers to the young people in the world.  Is this also the case in our city? Write an article to share your views.


‘ME’ generation in Hong Kong


The 21st century is claimed to be the time of the ‘ME’ generation, in which ‘ME’ refers to the youngsters in the world.  They, who are lazy and weak, according to the Time Magazine, often come under fire in society because of their poor work attitude.  Hong Kong youngsters are no exception and they are criticized as ‘Kong kids’


Our city is definitely notorious for its ‘ME’ generation because the youth here attach much or even overwhelming importance to their appearances and status. It is not uncommon to find girls and boys searching for the perfect light and angle to take selfies with their smartphones or getting obsessed with the magic of the beauty apps, which edit their small, tiring eyes into wide, vigorous ones.  They then usually upload the most beautiful and charming selfies to Facebook or Instagram to starve for ‘likes’ from their friends.  It is a way for them to gain recognition and develop their own images.  What is more, the ‘ME’ generation in the territory fall prey to famous brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada and they are used to showing off by carrying the designer bags and using the accessories.


Another characteristic of the ‘ME’ is also found in the youth in Hong Kong, which is frailty and fragility. They are neither tough nor persistent enough to overcome the series of hurdles, for instance, receiving disappointing academic results, losing a match and having worrying relationships with friends.  Some, who lack tenacity, may even shy away from the problem by ending their precious lives.  For example, nearly five students committed suicide at the beginning of the school year because of school-phobia.  It is virtually impossible for the ‘ME’ in our city to bear hardship dauntlessly, vigorously and courageously.


In addition, there is a dearth of satisfaction about life among the ‘ME’ generation in the city. Young people asking for more at all times and asking ‘Why don’t I have?’ normally forget how fortunate they are.  Many youngsters are not grateful for what they have had, like owning a top-notch smartphone, living in an air-conditioned unit under the scorching sun and having three meals a day.  As they are not grateful or even feel dissatisfied with the luxuries they have already had, the ‘ME’ beg their parents to buy what they fail to have. This is a vicious cycle.


Apart from the above particular features, the ‘ME’ are too dependent on others, especially their ‘helicopter’ parents who hover around their kids’ heads 24/7.  When the children ask for help, the parents lend their helping hands immediately.  A few years ago, a news report said that a Hong Kong schoolboy studying overseas did not know how to use the washing machine and so he dialed to his mum for help. This piece of news rightly reflected the current situation of ‘ME’ generation in our city.


Hong Kong, where young people are feeble, over-dependent and unsatisfied with the world is experiencing the time of the ‘ME’ generation.  If our city’s future is controlled by the ‘ME’, Hong Kong will no longer be the pearl of the Orient. It is time our future pillars got well-prepared and transformed.


Macy Tsang

6B 2015-16