Letter to the editor on banning the eating of goose liver


You recently read an article in the Kowloon Voice calling for a ban on the French delicacy foie gras in Hong Kong. Foie gras is goose liver that comes from geese that are forced to eat large amount of corn before they are killed. Write a letter to the editor supporting or opposing the article’s call for a ban on foie gras.


Dear Editor,


I am writing to express my concern about the traditional and well-known French delicacy, foie gras, which is the goose liver. Referring to the article in the Kowloon Voice calling for a ban of the foie gras two days ago, I share the same view with the writer. A ban should definitely be imposed as the cuisine has aroused so much controversy.


First and foremost, the production of the delicacy is undoubtedly inhumane and cruel. The geese are forced to swallow a large amount of corn so as to enlarge their livers to produce foie gras. It is a torture to the geese as they are fed non-stop and die painfully as a result. No one will appreciate the method of producing foie gras as it is tantamount to beating and torturing the poultry. A ban of this delicious yet ‘evil’ food can rescue millions of geese from being tortured. In fact, the geese also have feelings and sensations, just like we, humans. We have the obligations to protect animals, rather than treating them with violence. On the grounds of moral consideration, the dish should be prohibited.


The infamous French delicacy actually causes wastage problem. To feed the geese, huge amounts of corn are used. However, there are numerous people suffering from famine and malnutrition all around the world. Unfortunately, the animal farms are using the corn as fodder to feed the livestock, in order to get an organ only. We are actually fulfilling our unnecessary wants and desires at the expense of the lives of the underprivileged. In addition, with such a great demand for the foie gras, a large number of the geese have to be raised and killed, but just for one organ. Yet, the other parts of the deceased geese are all discarded and ended up into landfills. No matter how delicious the foie gras is, its production obviously wastes a lot of valuable resources. It is time to put a halt to the tradition so as to use our precious resources in a wiser way.


Worse still, the diet involving goose liver triggers health concerns. The foie gras is usually fatty and high in cholesterol. Eating too much foie gras could lead to various chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, diabetes and so on. Although the food item contains some essential minerals, it still brings more harm than benefits to our bodies.


Indeed, the foie gras has a long history in the culinary culture and it has fascinated people for decades. Nonetheless, preserving the tradition is not moral and humane. Actually, we do not have any necessary needs to consume the poultry’s organ. There are many other delicacies like abalones, oysters and so on, that can replace the goose liver. The eating of foie gras sounds so brutal and the dish should be removed from the menu.


Being the leader and manager of the world and other living things, we, humans had better have a heart of gold and treat other animals kindly. It is hooped that more citizens can understand the evil side of having the foie gras and take steps to save the geese.


Yours faithfully,

                                                         Chris Wong

Chris Wong


Hui Fai Ho Jason

6B 2015-16