Employers view youngsters as less valuable


You read from the news that some employers are having a low opinion of the local young people. They are viewed as less valuable due to their poor attitude. You are worried about this phenomenon and have therefore decided to write a letter to a local newspaper Hong Kong Post to voice your opinion. In your letter, explain why the view might be unfair to some young employees. You also express your concern for them and give advice to improve the situation. Sign your letter ‘Pat Li’. Do not write an address.




Dear Editor,


I am writing to express my concern about the phenomenon that some employers are having a low opinion of the local young people. I have noticed that the local young people are viewed as less valuable due to their poor attitude by some of the employers. However, the fact is that not all the young local people are like that. Many of them are employed and they get lower salaries since the employers have a misconception that they are lazy. It is unfair to some of them. The situation is worrying that they now have few job opportunities and get a lower pay. It brings negative effect to the young. Measures should be taken to improve the situation.


The view of the employers towards the local young people is just simply not true. It might be unfair to some young employees. They think many local young people are less hardworking and more reluctant to face challenges compared with other generations. However, not all the young employees are lazy. In fact, the local youths are energetic and talented. They often bring in new insights to the company. Also, when compared to the other previous generations, the youths have more creativity. They can contribute their creative skills to work, which also makes them more flexible in coping with challenges. They can think of many ways to solve a problem. Their comments are not true to all the young employees.


This phenomenon brings negative effects on the young local people which should not be overlooked. First of all, regarding their low opinion to the employees, they might also think the young generation less productive and pay less to them. As a result, they will get low pay. However, the prices of goods and services keep on increasing. The young employee’s limited pay rise can barely or even not be able to keep up with the inflation rate. Facing the financial difficulties, they may suffer from mental disorder, they may consider taking their lives or doing illegal things such as stealing. It will also cause a series of social problems.


Despite getting lower salaries, the young generation also has fewer job opportunities. According to the research, the number of job offers available for university graduates dropped 15% in these years. The unemployment brings frustration and stress to the unemployed, lowering their self-esteem which may easily lead to depression and self-destruction. The unemployed also lose the chance to accumulate human capitals. They are unable to develop their skills and gain experience, it may further make them suffer from long-term unemployment.


It is obvious that the phenomenon will cause a series of negative effects on both the local young people themselves and the society. The situation cannot be improved unless the employers changed their views towards the local young people. To achieve this goal, I suggest that the companies should provide internships for the local young people, in which they can show their abilities. The employers would observe their performance which is completely different from their expectation. And thus they can get a better understanding of the young generation. In this way, the problems above would greatly be reduced,







Yours faithfully

Pat Li