A diary entry about busking in Mong Kong


  1. Learning English through Poems and Songs

Today you and some friends went busking in Mong Kok for the first time. Write a diary entry describing how it went, including how you felt, how passersby reacted and what you would do differently next time.



Dear Diary,


With the last melody sung by us, it marked the end of my first busking in Mong Kok. It was one of the most treasurable memories that I will never forget. While I was performing the wonderful busking, I could do what I wanted and sang my favourite songs by following my heart.


Going busking on the street is always the dream of mine and my buddies’. Therefore, at the end of our Form 6 school year, we decided to do something special, which is having busking in crowded Mong Kok, to celebrate it! Before our big day, we had spent days and nights on practising, hoping to make a breakthrough in our performance. You know… we don’t want to be teased by the commuters in Mong Kok! HAHA!


Having practised for a week with our exciting heart, today, our big day finally came! After packing the instruments that we needed, we went to Mong Kok in a hurry since we had to search for a perfect place where could attract more people’s attention. It was around 7:00 pm when we arrived and there were still not many people on the street. (I guessed they were having their yummy dinners.) Never mind! My friends and I started to set up our instruments and wait for more passersby pouring out from the restaurants. After a period of time, we began to sing the first song with butterflies in our stomachs.


As we were still a rookie of busking, it is noticeable that the first song was not performed well. Not only had our main vocalist, Peter, missed a few lines of lyrics, but I had also lost my tempo as a drummer. Ho! How shameful it was! I could still remember a few passersby were laughing with their fingers pointing at us… But I didn’t care about them because the reason why we went busking was to celebrate our graduation but not to seek for a burst of applause, wasn’t?


Placating our nervous hearts, we started the performance again.


Things went better! After singing a few songs, more and more commuters gathered around us and listened to our performance attentively, including those who used to tease us. Their appreciative eyes were the greatest motivation for us to keep singing. However, it was already 10:30 pm and we were all exhausted. So, we chose to end our busking by singing the last song, our school anthem! We dropped our instruments, stood in a line just like what we always did in the school assemblies and used the most sincere attitude to sing every single word in the song. It gave me a complex feeling. It was the first time that I sang my school anthem on the street; however, it was also the last time that I could sing this school anthem with my buddies as a secondary school student. We could see everyone surrounding us was having tears in their eyes and wearing a bittersweet smile on their faces when listening to our singing. I guessed they were all recalling their school years as a teenager. Youth is always the best memory in our life and the power of music can always touch the softest part of our heart. This is the reason why I am so fascinated with music! With the last melody being sung by us, it marked the end of my first busking in Mong Kok.


After finishing this busking in Mong Kok, we decided to switch our performance location to a more lively place, the Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui. This time, we want to invite our music teacher, Mr. Lam, to join our performance as we know it is also his teenage dream to be a street artist. Sir! It’s never too late to chase your dream! I can’t wait till that day comes.