The amazing Adele


Your favourite song got nominated for a local music award and the winner will be decided by a public vote. Write a blog entry to persuade your friends to vote for the song. Describe the song and its lyrics. Explain how the song makes you feel and what the message conveyed by its lyrics means to you. State how it is different from the other songs that have been nominated and why it deserves the award.


“The AMAZING Adele”


Hurray! I can’t help myself writing this blog right after going back home to congratulate the one and only, Adele, who has just been nominated for the Hong Kong Summer Music Award 2015 for her summer hit “Other side”. As the winner will be decided by a public vote, guys, I really need your help. Please vote for “Other side” because of Adele’s amazing talents (or because of me, haha).


As some of you may not be that familiar with he song, I will have a brief introduction first. This song is based on Adele’s personal experience. Her boyfriend broke up with her on the other side of the road. This is where her inspiration comes from (you know, the “other side” of the road). The lyrics “Goodbye from the other side. I must have begged a thousand times” vividly described how despair Adele was when she was dumped. These depressed lyrics are accompanied by a soft tune, with no fancy notes or beat drops, like we are listening to a monologue of Adele, telling a story of her own.


I was astonished when I first listened to this song. I can feel the sorrow from her voice. It is saddening yet subtle. I can’t find any anger from her song. She is neither raging nor cursing her ex-boyfriend, but she is just helpless. Her confession provides me with serenity, like a lady standing in the rain in solitude, sad but calm. I feel like I am witnessing the whole break up. I can see pedestrians walking pass me and Adele sitting on the ground, gazing the far in void. It takes me more than ten seconds to realize the song has already ended and go back to reality. This experience is out of this world.


Do you guys remember the blog entry a few months ago about my mom passing away? This resonated in my heart when I first heard the news about my mom. I was so helpless, seeing my mom losing her last breath, her vitality. Yet, I could only sit next to her and watched her died. My mom was on the “other side”. This song reminds me of the helplessness I have gone through. The more and more I listen to the song, the more relieved I got. I start to understand that Adele is so calm because she has already seen everything clearly. She understands the departure of people is inevitable and all we can do is to take it. Her song motivates me to move on. I feel like I am understood and the song is a remedy to me. Whenever I think of my mom, I just listen to the song, get courage and move on.


Okay, I know you’re all crying like a baby but we could celebrate the nomination of “Other side, right? Although “Other side” is a summer tune, it stands out from the crowd of dynamic bubble-gum pop song. It is not an afternoon in the beach partying with your friends, but rather a gentle breeze at a mid-summer night that will pacify you. It also features a deeper meaning but not just about being wasted. This song totally suits the criteria of being “both inspirational and genuine” as a summer song of the year as suggested.


As a devoted “Adeler”, I now beg you my dear friends to vote for Adele’s “Other side” if you think her song deserves a prize (which I think it is, haha). The link is Thanks for your help. Cheers.