Customer Services of an Airline


6D Hedy Wong


Learning English through Workplace Communication

You work in the customer services department of a major airline. You have received a complaint from a member of a famous orchestra, Miss Kary Mak, about a valuable musical instrument being damaged during an international flight. Your boss has asked you to write a letter to the customer to apologise and explain what actions your company will take to resolve the problem.




17th Nov, 2015

Dear Miss Mak,


I am writing on behalf of the Hong Kong Airlines in response to your complaint letter dated 5th November, 2015. We are terribly sorry for the trouble caused and we ensure you that multiple steps have already been taken to remedy the situation.


We acknowledge from your letter that a damage was made during your flight. To confirm the details, you booked for a flight (Flight no.: PX1038) bound for London on 1st November, 2015. Before take-off, you deposited your cello to our ground staff while you were checking in. After landing at Heathrow Airport, it was discovered that the baggage had been damaged. Two of the strings were detached and the cello body was dented, causing the instrument to go out of tune. We understand how troublesome it must have been, for a member of a renowned orchestra to replace a first class musical instrument in such a rush amidst their world tour. Thence, we have undergone an investigation promptly after being informed of the incident.


During the inquisition, we asked the related ground staff and aircrew questions concerning the matter, where one newly recruited crew officer admitted to handling certain luggage in a heedless manner. It was also noted that a few air turbulences hit the plane during the flight, which might be another cause of the accident.


Based on your letter and our investigation results, the follow-up actions are as follows: First of all, our company is already on the way of installing additional buffer materials onto the walls of the luggage compartment on-board. This type of material is specially imported from the U.S.A. for resisting great shock and protecting fragile items. We hope that this renovation can put an end to similar incidents, as our company highly values the comfortableness and trust of our customers.


Apart from a replenishment of the luggage compartment, a general reminder of conduct has been issued to all staff members. Workers are reminded of their etiquette and the standard procedures for treating fragile goods. All new employees must be accompanied by a senior member while dealing with luggage on their first month of duty, in order to provide personalized training to them and to make sure that their work is up to standard. It is of our policy to expect highly from our workers such that our customers can enjoy the best services.


Lastly, we regret to inform you that, due to our regulations, a refund cannot be made for items under HKD$40,000. We can, however, offer you a flight coupon to compensate for your loss. If you use our services again, a 20% cash reduction will be made to your plane ticket. You can enjoy many more discounts by attaining membership of our company for free.


May we once again express our deepest regret to the damage caused. Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via our complaint hotline or email. It is through generous comments like yours that our company can always strive for the best.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Department Head,

Customer Services,

Hong Kong Airlines