Writing a leaflet


Your school is recruiting students to become school ambassadors. Complete the sections of a leaflet below.


The Hong Kong College Ambassador Program

Why the school needs ambassadors

Our school is so young and green as we have opened for only eight years. The residents in our district and perhaps even your parents are not so familiar with our school. In order to promote our school to more people, primary school students and their parents in particular, we are inviting all of you, the current students, to become one of the thirty Hong Kong College Ambassadors.  You will have plenty of chances to interact with parents and other visitors on special days such as our Open Day, Parents’ Days, Information Day and the like, introducing our school’s vision, mission and policies as well as sharing the joyful experiences of being a student in our school.


What qualities we look for in an ambassador

Are you excited to be one of our ambassadors? Simply check whether you are our targeted students now.

If you are nice and helpful with passion to become an ambassador, we are looking for you because our ambassadors are responsible for chatting with our guests actively and address their enquiries kindly and patiently.  You also need to be familiar with our school’s background such as our school motto, history, the learning environment and so on, so that you can make good and sound introductions to others. With good communication skills? You are strongly welcomed and recommended to this meaningful program.  Yet the most important quality is your good conduct.  As you will be representing our school, your decent and nice manners can perfectly show that our school does not only nurture academic talents, but also help our students develop good behavior and uphold values.


How you will benefit from joining the program

Besides enriching your other learning experience records, you will receive a series of training joining the scheme. We are glad to announce that we’ve invited Mr. Pat Lee, a famous radio programme host, to teach you some effective communication skills, so you can become a ‘professional’ school ambassador.  It is a precious chance to learn the techniques which will definitely be useful for your whole life.  While you are promoting our school to the visitors, you can also equip yourself to express your views boldly and clearly to others, which is vitally important in tertiary education and also at the workplace.  More importantly, it is an honour to be an ambassador to represent the whole school, isn’t it?

With so many benefits, why are still waiting? Don’t hesitate and contact Ms Chan at the office by 15th October. We look forward to seeing you in the workshops!


6E 2015-16

Marcus Chan Wai Hang