A diary


Windy                                       Monday 15th February
    Yeah! I’m now in Japan!
When the plane landed today’s morning, the light was so dark. My family members, such as dad, mum, grandparents and cousin, was all sleeping on the chair, but I was playing my “NDS” only! There’s so much to do here — visiting the museum, skiing, watching the snow……

    We’re staying at a hotel which was near the place for skiing. It’s an exciting place. When we went skiing, my mum saw our tour member was hurt. She said I couldn’t ski, because it was so dangerous! Is my mum an autocrat??

    We’re going to visit the museum where we can know more about the Japanese history. It looks so amazing, but actually, it is so boring. I want to leave now!

     How about dinner? I saw a lot of Japanese food — my favorite food, such as sushi, sashimi, Japanese ice-cream… I’m so proud of myself!  Why?  I have already eaten five dishes of sushi and sashimi and so on.  Can I eat my breakfast tomorrow?  Wonderful day, I’m waiting for you!