Write a story which ends with the sentence, ‘I could not believe I had been so foolish.’


Today, I was punished by my teacher because of my foolishness. Every time when I thought about what I had done, I always thought I was so stupid. How foolish I was!

A camp was held to let F.2 students know and understand themselves and one another more. We were so excited before the camp. The camp started with different kinds of games and the time passed quickly. It was already our bed time soon. When I popped into my bed and wished for an excellent dream, I felt that something slimy was biting my toes and climbing on my body. It really scared me, so I screamed loudly and everyone in the room heard my voice. Suddenly that terrible thing jumped out from my bed and it was a green, ugly toad! Then I heard Johnny laughing like a witch and he seemed going to be lying on the floor.

‘Why are you laughing?’ I asked him angrily. ‘How stupid you are! Why can’t you realize my scare?’

He was still laughing.

‘What do you mean?’

‘If you really don’t know what I’m talking about, then I’ll tell you what happened,’ He answered.

The truth was that hateful Johnny found a toad when he was walking along the seaside. He wanted to trick me with that toad as I told the teacher he didn’t clean the classroom when he was on duty last time. He was angry with me and he knew that I was afraid of toads.

I thought that if I told the teacher again about his ‘crime’, another toad would pop out from the bed. Therefore, I caught some ants that were in white colour and put them into Johnny’s dish of rice. As the ants hadn’t died, the rice just looked like moving. At first he didn’t notice them, but when the vegetable and meat in his bowl started to move, his face turned white and his stomach was in pain. He went to the washroom immediately and came out after half an hour. I thought that I was so clever and smart and I had played a perfect trick at that time.

However, tricky Johnny told the teacher about what happened and I was called to meet the teacher. I thought that he was not the only one who suffered, so I told the teacher about his trick the night before. We were both punished to wash the dishes after the meal and ordered to apologize to each other. We also had to promise that we would not do such stupid things for the second time.

Looking back, I thought I was really stupid as my first choice – telling the teacher his toad trick was absolutely right, but I made the wrong decision – tricking Johnny as what he had done to me. An eye for an eye? I could not believe I had been so foolish.


Lam Cheuk Wing Cherry

2C 2014-15