A Character’s Visit


The book that I am going to share with you is “The Piano”. It is about a pianist, Anthony Evans.

When he was a teen, he was poor and did not often hear music. HE only could enjoy music during the music lesson. When he grew up, he worked in a farm in summer to earn money for his family. One day, the farm’s owner ordered Anthony to clear the things in building so that he could park his car in it. He found a piano, farm’s owner allowed him to own the piano but the piano in an empty school and practiced playing the piano every day.

A music teacher called Mr. Gordon came back to school and found Anthony. HE didn’t feel angry but happy. He found a musician. Anthony played the piano very well although he never studied music. Mr. Gordon taught Anthony how to play piano.

After some time, he joined a music competition and won a prize. HE became a rich and famous pianist.

Guess what? Anthony Evans visited my school last Monday. I was responsible for introducing the school to him. I was nervous and excited, because he was a famous pianist!

I brought him to visit the school facilities, such as different laboratories, playgrounds, classrooms, computer rooms, the library and two halls. I explained the functions and characteristics of these facilities to him. I also told him the history of our school and different committees.

Finally, we went to the music room. He felt slightly surprised with it. He thought it was a bit too small. I explained to him why. But he just looked around and walked to the piano. HE sat down and put both of his hands on the keyboard. HE eyes closed. I stopped talking. HE started to play music. He played a short but melodic song. Many students, teachers and even janitors were attracted by his music. A big round of applause was given by the audience. Everyone enjoyed his music, including me.

This was a precious experience for me. Music is a lingua franca and a powerful language. We are form different countries and have different ethnicities. We spoke in different mother language and live in the different environment, but music eliminates all barriers. We communicate though music. Music can link us together. I save learnt all these Anthony’s music.

Yeung Kai Ching 2B 29