Narrative Writing


Wandering aimlessly in a shopping mall, I was enjoying the chilly air-conditioning and sat sown in a vacant table in a café opposite to a CD shop. Staring at people passing by, I was looking for my target.
 I narrowed my eyes and spotted an old man whose legs were shaky. He needed a walking stick for support. He was bald and his face seamed with wrinkles. ‘I bet he doesn’t have any money, and he might hurt me with his stick! I’d better not bother him.’ I thought, and quickly resumed my scanning in the corridor.
 I noticed a sinister looking man with a red scar on his brow. His pockmarked face was shining with sweat. He was holding a lot of shopping bags. ‘Should I go for it? He carries so many things. Wait a minute.  Why is he perspiring? He must have fought. I’d better not steal his things,’ I murmured.
 A second later, I observed an elegant lady from the crowd who was dillydallying. ‘A-ha! You are my golden opportunity.’ Without a second thought, I stood up and started to approach her. Suddenly, the woman turned around with her phone. Her face was so fierce. I stopped immediately and went back to my seat. My heart thudded heavily.
 I would carefully choose my target this time. Two young ladies caught my sight. They were as weak as a cat. Their expensive bags caught my eyes. I jumped out of my seat and stealthily advanced towards them. They look prim and proper, I bet they must be wealthy,’ I thought.
 My body started to feel excited, my muscle contracted. I took a deep breath to calm down. Once I got ready, I started my plan.
 I bumper into them.’ Oh….. I am so sorry about that,’ I apologized  and deliberately knocked down their bags. I ‘kindly’ helped them pack their things, one object after another. Sneakily I put my prey into my pocket. When I finished my mission, I raced to the exit.
 I heaved a sigh of relief. I cleared the sweats on my forehead and hid. I took out my prey. They beamed. Taking a thick pile of money out from the wallets, I counted them one by one. Out of the blue, there was just only $320 in total! I barked up the wrong tree.
 I felt disappointed as I had a great expectation of stealing lots of money, hoping to take revenge.