2019-2020 S1 Admission Interview: 23rd March 2019

 S.1 Admission Interview

  1. All Interview Notifications will be posted by 8th March 2019.
  2. If a candidate needs to change the interview time slot, he / she should download the “S.1 Admission Interview Leave Application Form 2018/19 (Click to download)”, and submit the application with supporting documents by Fax (Number: 2762 0275) or in person by 5:00 p.m., 14th March, 2019. If the application is approved, the school will make a phone call to the parent of the candidate by 20th March, 2019. Not receiving a phone reply means the application is not successful. Parents are advised not to phone the school.
  3. Sick leave applications should be submitted on the interview day. Please note that the leave application form together with a medical certificate should be faxed (No. 2762 0275) or delivered by hand to our school. Leave applications by phone will not be accepted. Parents should contact us if they have not been informed of the new interview date within 3 working days after their sick leave applications.



  1. 所有面試通知書(面試信)將於3月8日前寄出。
  1. 如考生需更改面試時間,請按此址下載『2018/19 中一入學面試事假申請表 (點擊下載)』,並務必於 3月14日下午5時或以前連同有關證明傳真(號碼:2762 0275)或逕交本校辦理;倘本校批准更改面試時間,會於3月20日或以前致電通知考生家長;不獲覆電者,表示申請不獲批准;家長毋須來電查詢。
  1. 病假申請最遲於面試當天內提出,並連同醫生證明傳真 (號碼:2762 0275)或逕交本校辦理;恕不接受以電話申請。如申請更改面試時間後3個工作天內仍未收到本校回覆,請致電本校查詢。