Our school’s Robotics Team took part in the Asia-Pacific First Tech Challenge Invitational 2017 at Macquarie University, Sydney between 14 and 16 July 201. Over the three days, our team was engaged in the event. Not only did they strive for their best to improve the robot performance, but they also grasped every opportunity to learn the robot design and programmes from other teams.  FTC Asia Pacific without a doubt provided a good platform for the young scientists and engineers to exchange their ideas. Our team got much inspired through the fruitful exchanges.  At the end of the competition, our team won the ‘THINK Award’, which was to recognize the team’s effort put into their logbook keeping. The team members are as follows:

5D Ho Sze Yan; Fung Shuk Yan; Yeung Kai Ching; 4B Li Pui Hang, 4C Ho Man Tik; 4D So Germain; Shek Tsz Him; 3A Li Zerong; 3C Yuen Ki and 3D Ng Chak Him

FTC API 2017 pic 1


Below are some highlights of the event:

FTC API 2017 pic 2
FTC API 2017 pic 3
FTC API 2017 pic 4
FTC API 2017 pic 5
FTC API 2017 pic 6
FTC API 2017 pic 7


RIDIY 2017

Our Robotics Team participated in Robot Intelligence DIY (RIDIY) 2017 which was co-organized by Creative Power Education Association and Hong Kong Science Museum.

The competition was held on 6th July 2017(Thursday). Participants of our school were three S2 students: 3A Ng Kit Yiu, 3A Poon Hong Ting and 3C Chan Hui Sang

At the end of the day, our team’s effort was appreciated and was awarded “一等獎” and “最佳挑戰精神獎”.

FTC API 2017 pic 8
FTC API 2017 pic 9

WRO 2017—Space Challenge

Another competition that our team participated in was WRO 2017 in the category EV3 Space Challenge. The event was organized on 8th July 2017 (Saturday) at HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School. Every participant in the team made good effort in the competition and they gained good experience. At the end of the day, the team 5D Kwok Kam Ho and Yim Man Tsun won the Champion Award in the Space Challenge category.

FTC API 2017 pic 10
FTC API 2017 pic 11