Other Learning Experiences

Other Learning Experiences for Carmelians

One of the aims of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum is to give senior secondary students diverse learning experiences, to cultivate personal interests and to widen their horizons. The role of the school is to provide students with such a platform, giving them a chance to try. At the same time, in respect to individual student’s potential and character, we push their knowledge and skills to a higher standard through continuous training and participation.


Students should not aim for quantity in their learning, but a development in knowledge quality. That is why the school’s major concern for these three years is “Gear Up. Go the Extra Mile.”, as an encouragement to students to willingly participate in activities, breakthrough comfort zones and try their best without regrets.


Based on the above aspirations, Carmel Secondary School follows two main directions in covering the 7 learning domains: “Enrichment” (with the focus on opportunities of trying and experience), and “Empowerment” (with the focus on ongoing participation and training).


The current OLE framework is as follows:

Senior Secondary OLE Lessons

Since 2010, the Student Development Committee has worked closely with the Physical Education Department and the Music Department in redesigning the curriculum for Form 4 and 5 students. Breaking traditions, various sports and art items have been integrated into the curriculum, with one lesson per cycle, as the “Other Learning Experiences” (OLE) lessons. When developing a brand new course, the school is not only concerned about the variety and balance of the curriculum content, but also how students view such lessons. We collect students’ opinions on OLE lessons with a view to providing them the most benefit with limited resources.


When the OLE lessons first began, in order to let students have attempts on different sports activities, all courses were compulsory. After taking in feedback from students, elective units have been put in place to let students choose 1 unit from both sports and arts, in consideration of their ability and interest. The 2015-2016 lesson content lists can be found below:





Carmel Volunteer Service (迦密義工服務)

The VQ Volunteer Training Programme has been established since 2005. Being a volunteer is special as there is never any competition or prize; there wouldn’t be any pressure from competing. Each service is voluntary and that is why we value the student participation.


No matter the location, the content or the result, we greatly value thoughts-sharing after each service. Therefore, each participating student will be sharing his/her personal feelings and is guided into deeper evaluation, to strengthen their servicing mind set.


An elderly woman aged over 100, or a mentally-disabled child who still cannot verbally communicate – these all could be potential people the VQ volunteers would provide service to. The volunteers will share their joy with these people with their tremendous patience; take notice of their needs and think of possible ways of communication. Such varied learning proves to be important lessons for personal development.


To put their selfless effort into numbers, each year the whole school accumulates a great number of hours of service, reaching even 3000 hours in 2015, and served more than 1,000 persons.


S.2 Volunteer Serivice (中二級義工服務計劃)

Every Carmel student would have been a part of the S2 Volunteer Service to the elderly. They are given an opportunity to provide service to a group of lovely elderly on one of the school days. Each class will elect a committee to plan their unique service. Students will utilize their strengths to make the elderly feel joy, including music performance, magic, martial arts, games and handcrafts etc… Nevertheless, what’s most important is the care from students, and how they learn to value our senior citizens.



Volunteer Service beyond Borders (境外服務)

Cambodia Volunteer Service

More than 30 years ago, Cambodia had lost nearly one-third of its population, under the ruling of a totalitarian government. Almost all academics were executed with brutal methods, leaving the weak with no resistance at all. That has resulted in yet to be solved social problems such as poverty, age gaps and the like.


In 2009, a group of Christians took on a calling from God and established the Kurmul International School. With prayers and God’s work, KIS was teaching one class from P1-3 each, a total of 60 students.


Volunteers from Carmel Secondary School went to visit Cambodia from 2012 to 2017; each visit lasted 5-7 days. They witnessed the Cambodians recovering from tragedy. They were able to learn the local social problems as well as to personally help the children in KIS and those who are in need.


2012 Loving Cambodia Trip

During 2-6 July, 2012, 42 students from Carmel Secondary School and Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School visited Kurmul International School, local villagers and the History Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
The two schools organized a series of fundraisers with a theme of “Loving Cambodia”. The result was very encouraging as the parents and students were very supportive. $109,715.5 was raised for the KIS financial aids and the $9,710.2 raised from other events was used to purchase stationery or small gifts for local students and children, after deducting operational expenses for the fundraisers.


2013 Loving Cambodia Trip

In July, 2013, 45 students from the Loving Cambodia Team and Carmel Pak U Secondary School, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School once again stepped foot in Cambodia.


The students split into four voluntary teaching groups: handcrafts, English, Music and activities. Volunteers also organized fundraising concerts and sales in their schools, and raised $4,112 to support the trip’s expenses and to purchase resource gifts to Kurmul International School.


2014 Loving Cambodia Trip

The Loving Cambodia Team from Carmel Secondary School went to Cambodia for the third time during 22-26 April, 2014. In that 5-day trip, two days were spent with KIS children. Under the theme of a zoo, the children enjoyed well-thought-out music, visual art, English and humanities lessons and so on. Visits to other non-government organisations such as Pleroma Home for Girls, House of Joy, local village and so forth were also part of the trip.


Around $29,000 was raised for the trip, resulting in more than 300kg of resources to KIS and Pleroma Home for Girls, as well as a new projector in the KIS hall. During the visit to the House of Joy, the team observed that although Cambodia is famous for its mango production, they lacked food processing and marketing skills. Therefore, the Loving Cambodia team bought and carried more than 100kg of mangoes back to Hong Kong. Charity sales of various mango desserts allowed Carmel teachers and students the opportunity to taste these natural delights from Cambodia. All income from this Fair Trade experiment became the foundation for the next Loving Cambodia trip.


2015 Loving Cambodia Trip

In 2015 July, 30 students went to Cambodia again and visited Kurmul International School, bringing them a lot of books and stationery. The trip was fun-filled and meaningful. Our team also went to different 6 villages in Cambodia and made home visits to the poor families. We were deeply impressed by their spirit despite the hardship encountered! We finally stayed there for 9 days We will organize another trip in the coming July.

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JA Company Programme 2017-2018

JA Company Programme gives students the opportunity to establish and operate a real business under the guidance of business advisors. Participants will have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong at regional and international events to further their learning.

Our school has joined the programme for the past five years.  This year, twelve F.4 students have participated and the first meeting was held on 4th October.  In the coming six months, with the guidance of the two business advisors, the team will establish a JA Company, raise capital, design and make its own products to sell.  More exciting and unforgettable experience will come!

Business advisors

Mr Raymond Cheung Wai Man,

Mr Roger Tung Hon Li

Link teachers

Mrs Chiu Chan Sui Ping,

Mrs Ng Lee Chui Chun


4A Fong Pui Hei

4A Yan Sui Ling

4B Chan Ka Wai

4B Chu Ching Laam

4B Lam Nga Ting

4B Lee Tak Yin

4C Wong Mianne

4C Yip Ho Yin

4D Cheung Chun Fei

4D Li Xiaoyi

4D Tam Ho Ying

4D Tang Hoi Lam