Counselling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance Committee

Team Composition 

Chairperson Mrs. Chow Lo Yuen Shan
Vice chairperson Mrs. Ng Lee Chui Chun




Miss Hung Wai Fan


Miss Leung Yuen Man Cathy


Mrs. Chow Lo Yuen Shan


Miss Wong Yin Yu


Mr. Siu Wai Yee


Mrs. Ng Lee Chui Chun
Social Worker Mr. Wong Kwok Fai
Student Counsellor Miss Chung Hok Man
Ad hoc member Miss Ng Miu Yee
Ex-officio Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan



Counselling Week


The counselling Week was successfully held from 8 to 12 May. Messages about how family influences the personal growth of students and how students can overcome the adverse effects were delivered. Most programmes encouraged students’ active participation. To name a few, students wrote postcards to their parents during the morning assembly and made crafts to express their gratitude towards parents after school.


Writing postcards to parents

Writing postcards to parents


Flowers to the people I respect

The Committee organized the “Flowers to My Respected People” activity on 12th May. Students ordered flowers to thank their beloved relatives.

Flowers to the people I respect 1 (1)
Flowers to the people I respect 1 (2)


Distance Running Training Programme

1. Distance running programme 1
2. Distance running programme 2


Life Journey

All S4 students participated in a half-day experiential life journey organized by the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association in June. This self-exploring journey helped them to think seriously about the own life and learn to respect the elderly.


Closing Ceremony of the life journey project


S1 Orientation Day

S1 orientation day (1)
S1 orientation day (2)



S.1 Adventure Camp

Our peer counsellors organized an adventure camp for the S1 students in late June. They were energetic to take up all challenges and built friendship with fellow students.


Setting up camps


S.1 Orientation Lunch Gathering

Lunch gathering with class teachers and peer counsellors were held in September. This provided a chance for different parties to get to know each other better. The students got along well with the peer counsellors and were very willing to share with them.


Chatting with big brothers and sisters


S.1 Sex Education Workshop

The team invited End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation to conduct a workshop for S1 students on 29th June. Students learned about the proper attitudes towards sex and ways to protect themselves against sexual abuse.


Role Play