Mrs. Yuen Wong Sau Lai

Mrs. Lam Law Wai King

Miss Lau Kwan Yin


Useful Websites :




1. World Atlas


2. National Geographic


3. National Geographic Kids


4. 漁農處


5. Greenpeace


6. Oxfam Hong Kong


7. WWF


8. Friends of the Earth


9. Standard Grade Geography




I. Living with our physical environment


A. Opportunities and risks – Is it rational to live in hazard-prone area?

1. Introduction to plate boundaries


2. Animated guide: volcanoes


3. Animated guide: Earthquake

4. How tsunamis are born


B. Managing river and coastal environments: A continuing challenging

1. Chang Jiang (In Chinese)



II. Facing changes in the human environment


A. Changing industrial location – How and why does it change over space and time?

1. Hong Kong Trade Development Council


B. Building a sustainable city – are environmental conservation and urban development mutually exclusive ?

1. Urban Renewal Authority


2. Hong Kong Housing Authority


III. Confronting global challenges

A. Combating famine – Is technology a panacea for food shortage?

1. Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations


2. United Nations World Food Programme


3. Food First / Institute for food and development policy


B. Disappearing Green Canopy – who should pay for the massive deforestation in rainforest regions?

1. Learning about rainforest


2. About the rainforest


C. Global warning – Is it a fact or fiction?

1. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)



IV. Dynamic Earth

1. 創建香港地質公園


2. Association for Geo-conservation, Hong Kong


3. Hong Kong Slope safety


4. Geological landscapes in Hong Kong


V. Weather and Climate

1. Hong Kong Observatory


2. Hong Kong Observatory Virtual Exhibition Hall


3. World climates


4. China’s climate


5. 中國氣象局:中國沙塵暴網


VI. Regional study of Zhujiang Delta

1. Environmental protection of Guangdong province