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2014 FIRST LEGO League – World Festival

The Carmel Robotics Team represented Hong Kong once again to compete in the FIRST LEGO League – World Festival (FLL – World Festival) in St. Louis, US between April 24 and 26, 2014. The theme was ‘Nature’s Fury’ which was to demonstrate how pioneering technology could help people to get prepared, stay safe and rebuild their communities when natural disasters strike. The team ‘TETRIS” was comprised of two Form 2, five Form 3 and two Form 4 students. The team stood out among 80 outstanding teams from over 69 regions and was awarded the 2nd Place in Presentation Award.

US FLL-World Festival Official website:

US FLL-World Festival Award list: Please click here

Photos taken on the day:

RIDIY 2014

Our school’s Robotics Team claimed the championship (EV3 Category) in the “RIDIY 2014 Competition” organized by The “Creative Power Educational Association”. The team members are as follows:

Lam Chun Ting Jeff (5C), Sin Tsz Lok (5D), Lam Ching Fai (5E) and Poon Siu Ki (5E)

Official website :

LEAS Creativity Competition

Our School’s Robotics Team claimed the Championship and the First Runner-up in the “LEAS Creativity Competition“ organized by the “Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa”. The team members are as follows:

Champion: Li Yu Hong (3B), Chan Chun Wai (3C), Chan Siu Ting (3C), Lam King Lok (3D), Mak Chi Ko (3D)

First Runner-up: Leung Wing Tai (4E), Tsang Hoi Ming (4E), Lee Lok Hang (1A), Yim Manson (1A), Yim Man Chun (1C)

Photos taken on the day:

S1 English Bridging Course

Please click here for details.

Hong Kong International Handbell Olympics (2013-14)

Our Handbell Team participated in the HK International Handbell Olympics 2014 held by the Asia International Handbell Association on May 15 at the HK Cultural Centre. They were awarded the Gold and Silver Prize of the Intermediate Handbell in Class 3 (play 2 self-chosen songs) and Class 1 (play 2 compulsory songs) respectively.

The Handbell Team members

Hong Kong Inter-school Basketball Competition 2013-2014

The Girls Basketball Team has taken part in Division Three (Kowloon 1) of the Inter-school Basketball Competition 2013-2014. They won the Girls B Grade First Runner-Up, Girls C Grade Second Runner-Up and Girls Overall First Runner-Up in Division Three (Kowloon 1) of the competition. Thanks the Lord.

Team members


Congratulations to 6C Chan Ka Wah, who received the award ‘十大優秀青年’.  Co-organized by Home Affairs Bureau and Commission on Youth, the scheme ‘優秀青年嘉許計劃’ aims at recognizing youths who have achievements in academic study, sports and arts, possess leadership qualities and contribute to society.  Chan Ka Wah, as a representative of the Kowloon City District, went through rounds of assessments and interviews and was successfully selected for the honour.

An extract of the video played at the prize presentation can be watched at this link:

Student of the Year Awards

Student of the Year Awards recognise and reward the achievements of senior-level students. The aim is to bring Celebrating Hong Kong to our students – to hail the brightest young leaders of tomorrow.

Congratulations to 6E Lau Chin Yan who was one of the top 2 finalists in the Student of the Year Awards (Community Contributor) who have demonstrated commitment, achievement and dedication to supporting the community through volunteering, social enterprise, education or caregiving. 5D Wong Pui Ling was shortlisted in the Student of the Year Awards – Sportsperson.

Positive Energy in Music – Joint School

Our school Choir, Handbells and Orchestral Group won the “Meritorious Performance Award” in the ‘Positive Energy in Music – Joint School Concert’ held on April 13 at Shatin Town Hall. The program was organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

List of Participants

The Junior Achievement Company Programme (2013 - 2014)

Congratulations to our S4 students who took part in the Junior Achievement Company Programme (2013-14) and won three awards:

Award of IT Director of the Year

Award of the Most Valuable Team Player

Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Please click here for details

Interview of the School Principal

Principal Kung Kam Tim was interviewed by Mr. Walter Ng from Hong Kong Economic Journal recently to share the vision and mission of Carmel Secondary School.  Thanks the Lord for His guidance that the School may stand firm on her beliefs from the beginning for the past 50 years.  Principal Kung’s witnesses in the interview were shared in common by all Carmel staff and the School Management Committee.

The article was published on 17 March 2014.  Heartfelt thanks to Hong Kong Economic Journal in consenting to the posting of the said article on the school web page.

Please click here to see the full article.

Junior Writers Awards 2014

Congratulations to Leo Chan Leong Yiu (S1B), one of the top 100 writers of the Junior Writers Awards 2014 (1st Annual)!  The literacy campaign organized by Norton House Global Education Initiative and Senate House Education was one of the biggest and most prestigious writing competitions in Hong Kong and Macau.  It aimed to raise social awareness and self-reflection amongst secondary students.

The Awards Ceremony was held on March 16 at Graduate House, the University of Hong Kong.

Please click the following links:

Lists of winners

Leo’s work

2013-2014 The Hong Kong FLL Robotics Tournament

Congratulations to our school’s Robotics Team who claimed the championship in the “Hong Kong FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics Tournament” held on February 15, 2014. It has been the 8th year for the team to win the Grand Champion Award among 9 years of participation in HKFLL. This year, they won both the Robot Performance Award and the Grand Champion Award.

The competition was organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. The theme this year was “Nature’s Fury”. As the representatives of Hong Kong, the team will set off for the FIRST LEGO League World Festival 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. from April 23 to 26, 2014.

The team members are as follows:

Tsang Yui Long (4E), Yeung Lok Him (4E), Leung Tin Ching (3A), Mai Ching Yan (3A), Tam Hiu Shan (3A), Cheung Ka Po (3B), Chiu Yat Hei (3B), Choi Nakita Sophia (2B), Hui Cheuk Hei (2B), Tang Hoi Ching (2D).

Photos taken on the day:

Reference Links:

US FLL World Festival (

Hong Kong FLL (

The 66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (March 3 –April 2, 2014)

The school Junior Choir was the Second Runner-up in the Chinese Church Music Choral Competition (aged 14 or under) in the 66th HK Schools Music Festival held on the 18th of March at Tsuen Wan Town Hall.  The competition was organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association.  We also appreciate the great effort of the Intermediate Choir in the Foreign Language-Girls-Intermediate (age16 or under) Competition.  They received the Merit Certificate.  They came fifth among 40 counterparts.

Choir members who joined the Chinese Church Music Choral (aged 14 or under) Competition

Choir members who joined the “ Foreign Language-Girls-2nd Division-Intermediate (Age 16 or under) Competition”

Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows 2013

The school orchestra took part in the Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows 2013. The String Band and Wind Band both claimed the Bronze Award. The guidance of Conductor Mr. So Wai Hung and Mr. So Kei are greatly appreciated. Thanks the Lord for leading the orchestra and rewarding the efforts of the orchestra members.

Kowloon City District Outstanding Student Award 2013-1014

Chan Ka Wah, our 6C student, received the Kowloon City District Outstanding Student Award.  The election was organized by Kowloon City District School Principal’s Liaison Committee.  The prize giving ceremony was held on March 1 2014.

Hong Kong Inter-school Basketball Competition 2013-2014

Congratulations to our school Girls’ B Grade Basketball Team who has participated in Division Three (Kowloon 1) of the Inter-school Basketball Competition 2013-2014. They played well and won the First Runner-Up in Three (Kowloon 1) of the competition. Thanks the Lord.

The team members are as follows:

4E  FONG YING TUNG (Captain)









Earnest Request to Voice Your Objection Again to PolyU Rezoning

PolyU has submitted further information to the Town Planning Board without addressing our concerns. Please support the school and object to the application again.

Please click here for details

Objection Letter (Please sign and return/submit on or before March 5)

School Objection Letter to Town Planning Board submitted on Jan 16, 2014

Achievements of Carmelians recognized by The Student of the Year Awards

The Student of the Year Awards is organized by the South China Morning Post and sponsored by The Hong Kong Jocky Club. The Awards, recognising and rewarding the achievements of senior-level students in six categories, is widely recognized by schools and teachers, regarded with prestige by Hong Kong students. School nominees had to go through rigorous filtering, interviewing and scoring process.

We are proud to have 6E Lau Chin Yan awarded one of the three finalists in the category "Student of the Year -- Community Contributor", and 5D Wong Pui Ling being one of the 20 shortlisted candidates of the category "Student of the Year -- Sportsperson". The two students joined other talented students to attend the grand award presentation ceremony on 1 March 2014.

From S1-6, Chin Yan has been heavily participating in local community causes, working with different groups of people to prove that even the action of one person will make a difference. With ORBIS, she and a team of others successfully put together an entire year's fundraising campaign that contributed meaningfully to helping children with eye disease in China. With more than 300 hours of volunteer work under her belt, she is also the recipient of Community Youth Club's CYC Outstanding Members Award.

Champion of the World Robot Olympiad 2013 (Hong Kong Region)

Our school’s Robotics Team had participated in the World Robot Olympiad 2013 (Hong Kong Region) with excellent performance and won the following awards:





Junior Regular Category


Leung Wing Tai,

Tsang Hoi Ming



Lee Cham Hin,

Tsang Yui Long,

Yeung Lok Him

First runner-up


Cheung Ka Po,

Chiu Yat Hei,

Li Yu Hong

Certificate of Excellence

( 一等獎 )


Chan Siu Ting,

Kwok Yiu Ming,

Mak Chi Ko

Certificate of Excellence

( 一等獎 )

Senior Regular Category


Lam Ching Fai,

Poon Siu Ki,

Sin Tsz Lok

Certificate of Excellence

( 一等獎 )

The Green City Challenge


Lam Cheuk Wing,

Lee Lok Hang,

Wong Lok Ching




Chan Wing Yan,

Chau Kin Hang,

Lai Ka Wai

First runner-up

College Category (Pilot)


Ho Tim Yan,

Hui Kai Hoo

Leung Wing Him


Our Champion teams were given the honor to represent Hong Kong to compete in the World Robot Olympiad 2013 to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Champion and First runner-up awardees of Green City Challenge will join an exchange trip held in Taiwan.

WRO 2013 (Hong Kong Region) official website:

WRO 2013 (Hong Kong Region) Award list:

Photos taken on the day:

The 49th Sports Day

More Photos

HKSAR Outstanding Students Award 2013

Congratulations to Chan Ka Wah, who became one of the awardees of The Hong Kong Special Administration Region Outstanding Students Award after rounds of selection and was entitled to join HKSAR Outstanding Students’ Union, a platform for the members to further realize their ambition and contribute to society.  At the same time, Ka Wah scooped CLP Centenary Scholarship 2013 from CLP Holdings Ltd.

Annual Concert 2013 Imagery

With God’s blessings, Carmel musicians orchestrated their efforts in the school 3rd Annual Concert on July 5 2013 and offered the audience of about 300 people an evening of impressive and splendid music enjoyment. The theme of the concert was “Imagery” which featured both visual and auditory music sensations to the audience. Other than performance of the school choir and the orchestra, we had band shows and Latin dance performed by teachers and students. Thanks to all who had participated and supported this wonderful event.

Visit Annual Concert Facebook Page:

Hong Kong Scout 93rd group Kowloon Group 25th Anniversary

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