An email to a friend to share a movie watched


Dear Chris,


Hey! How’re you going? I’ve been AMAZED by a movie recently. The plot was so tense that I stopped chewing the popcorns in my mouth. Ha! I was so engrossed in it! It’s Bad Genius which had me stunned! Have you heard of it before?


It’s a Thai movie with Lynn, the genius who clutches medals and trophies in various competitions with excellent academic achievements, as one of the protagonists. Under the persuasion of Grace and Pat, she starts her business of helping others cheat. Afterwards, Bank, who is an honest and humble top scorer at the school, joins the trio’s plan of attaining their first bucket of gold by cheating in an international exam after an impactful accident.


If you’ve been scheduling for watching this movie, you’d better stop reading as it’s going to contain so many spoilers!


Well, there’re some scenes that I’ve found impressive and epic. The first scene is about how Lynn deals with the dilemma when she notices that there’re two sets of papers. With limited time and under the supervision of a watchful eye, she manages to exchange her paper with the one sitting next to her in just a split of second and finish two papers full of challenging questions. No another chance to seize. With drops of sweat dripping from her forehead and her fingers tapping non-stop to give hints, I felt how stressed and suffocated Lynn is at that time. I’ve NEVER thought that cheating could have been that nervous just like spying on an enemy! This job is obviously beyond Lynn’s capacity as she needs massages on her head and to inhale medicines to relieve her stress. Quite funny, indeed.


That Bank wakes up in a landfill after being beaten up by a gang is the second scene. His left eye is swollen, with also wounds on his face. He is so desperate to get a way out even though he is stumbling not only because of the humiliation and helplessness, but also that he is going to miss the exam to compete for a degree in Singapore. He can barely study overseas as his family is not well-off enough to afford so. And this is the accident that sways the humble kid to a dark future with no U-turn. Yeah, no U-turn…


The last one, which is the most impressive and artistic one, is showing two timelines after their ultimate plan is spoiled. One focuses on Lynn summoning her courage to confess to her wicked acts, with her resolute smile and a bright background. Another puts emphasis on Bank sitting on a desk and staring at Lynn, who is leaving him after rejecting his invitation to cheat again. The lighting’s so dim and Bank’s face shows no aspiration to the future but merely despair and desperation for help. This metaphorical scene contrasts their souls, one filled with joy while another with agony, depending on their choices. Sigh…

Being relieved or obsessed with grief? Having a bright future or a gloomy one? It all depends on our choices! We’re NEVER doomed by the so-called destiny. Our future is in our OWN hands!!


Talking about that, I feel heart-wrenched for Bank indeed as he is to experience so many mishaps in a row, driving him to turn into cheating and infringing his own dignity. I’ve wondered what if it was Lynn to be caught bot not Bank. Would Lynn still head to the same road? I don’t know. What do you think?


If you’ve watched it and found it awesome as well, share with me!! Haven’t? Go buy a ticket now! Your dearest friend guarantees that It WON’T let you down. Looking forward to hearing from you. Chat more!





Carlos Cheung Chun

5C 2017-2018