One Student One Sports Team


Dear All,

Are you interested in playing sports? Do you want to have sports competitions with your friends? If you do, then you should join the ‘one student one sports team’ scheme.

Although this scheme has already been introduced to you in the early September, many students are still thinking about whether they should join a sports team. I know that it is a hard decision as you may not be familiar to this new learning environment and are overwhelmed by the sudden increase in the workload. When I was in Form One, I was so worried about the changes but I did not know how I should do to deal with them. Luckily, I got my friends’ help and they shared their experience with me. Who were they? They were the senior form students from the basketball team which I have joined for four years already. Sometimes when we face difficulties, we may not be able to solve them by ourselves. With the friends with similar experience,  we could get the most suitable advice for the best solution. If you join a sports team, you can easily make friends with the senior form students and adapt to the new environment.

When you get to the upper forms, you will have more homework and need more time for studying. As a result, you will have less time to enjoy the joy of doing sports. Therefore, it is a wise decision for you to enjoy doing more sports in Form One. As we all know, doing sports helps to keep us healthy. It prevents the problem of obesity and makes the body defense stronger. With a healthy body, we can be more active in doing anything like studying and the results will be better. In fact, joining sports team does not require much time every week, just two after school training and one fitness training per week. It requires similar time compared to the other school teams. So why don’t you spend time making your body stronger?

Last but not least, participating in a sports team gives us a chance to develop soft skills. In competitions, communication between teammates and leadership of the team captain are so important that they can even determine whether you will win or lose. However, these skills cannot be developed on your own. In order to develop these communication skills, you should join a sports team. With practices, you can learn how to communicate with your team members. When you grow up, you will become the senior form students who are responsible to lead the lower form students. While you are guiding and teaching them, you can hone your leadership skills.

Even though joining sports team may occupy some of your spare time, it is definitely worth it as it brings so many benefits to you. So don’t hesitate, get an application form and start the wonderful experience now!

Yours sincerely,

Pat Li

Chairperson of Sports Affairs Committee