A Book Report on Harry Potter and the Lost Chamber


Book Title: Harry Potter and the Lost Chamber

Author: J.K Rowling

  This is a famous book and is the second one in the series of Harry Potter . It takes place in England in the 90s. Harry studies in Hogwarts, which is a wizard school. Most wizards are good people except those infused with dark magic.

   It all starts when Harry’s parents are killed by an evil wizard whom they call “He Who Must Not Be Named”. His uncle and aunt oppose wizardry,so they won’t let him go to Hogwarts. In this book , his friend Ron Weasly and his brothers,who are all studying in Hogwarts , rescue him with a flying car, and are scolded by their parents, but they treat Harry very well.

    The personality of every character is totally unique. A notable example is Professor Dumbledore,who is the headmaster of 4  houses.He stays calm all the time,and is easy going,but does a ton of critical thinking before he makes decisions.On the other hand, Professor Snape, the head of Slytherin, where Harry is studying in , will do literally anything to achieve something. Although he looks threatening to Harry , he actually wants to protect him.

       In the story , there is another place that is worth an applause. Just like Star Wars, it has plenty of brand new stuff that sounds interesting to us.  Mandrakes,which are noisier than anything you can think of,can kill someone merely by sound (that must hurt a lot). The Baslik,which plants fear in the hearts of people in real life through legends and myths has a deadly gaze which you may get unknowingly when you saw a ghost or look at a mirror.Or if you are lucky enough to survive, you might turn into stone.The creepiest of all, is a diary which replies (but it’s a trap).


       In this story, you never get just a single problem, mystery or even climax (just like those you find in your classroom bookboxes). Instead, you get tons of those,which is also a reason why I love this book.

      My advice to anyone who wants to read the book is that they should read it before watching the movie, so that it will not spoil their imagination.